Rebecca Masterson
SSL Co-director
Prof. Richard Linares
SSL Co-director
Alvar Saenz-Otero
Principal Research Scientist
Prof. David W. Miller
Paul Bauer
Marilyn Good

Faculty Members

Daniel Hastings
Jeffrey Hoffman
Olivier de Weck
Kerri Cahoy
Sara Seager
Richard Binzel

Postdoctoral Associates

David Gondelach

orbit prediction, thermospheric density modeling, space situational awareness

Bryce Doerr

optimal estimation & control, path planning, multi-agent space systems

PhD Candidates

Charlotte Lowey
PhD Candidate
Antonio Teran Espinoza
PhD Candidate

factor graphs, SPHERES, and things with two eyes
(is actually blue)

William Sanchez
PhD Candidate
Michael Fifield
PhD Candidate
Keenan Albee
PhD Candidate

space robotics, motion planning, optimal control
personal website

Master's Students

Alexandra Steighner
2nd Year

reconfigurable constellations, satellite scheduling

Rosemary Davidson
2nd Year

large telescope concepts and formation flying

Alejandro Cabrales
2nd Year

trajectory optimization, docking with tumbling objects, throwing darts

Madeline Lambert
2nd Year
Daniel Miller
2nd Year
Thomas G. Roberts
1st Year

space situational awareness, space policy, space security

Xavier Zapien
1st Year

power electronics and satellite development

Axel Garcia
1st Year

nonconvex optimization, GN&C, control theory
personal website

Charles Oestreich
1st Year

proximity operations, artificial intelligence, adaptive control

Adriana Mitchell
1st Year

autonomous systems, visual navigation, satellite rendezvous

Andrew Cummings
1st Year

spacecraft instrumentation, heliophysical modeling, satellite constellations

Mario Melendrez Contreras
1st Year

mechanisms, controls, space systems

Recent Alumni

PhD Students

  • Mark Chodas
  • Todd Sheerin
  • Christopher Jewison
  • Tim Setterfield
  • David Sternberg
  • Brent Tweddle
  • Max Yates
  • Christopher Pong
  • Gwendolyn Gettliffe
  • Ted Steiner
  • Matthew Smith
  • Farah Alibay
  • Kevin Stout
  • Robert Legge
  • Babak Cohanim
  • Alessandra Babuscia
  • Jacob Katz
  • Sreeja Nag
  • Giuseppe Cataldo
  • Niraj Inamdar
  • Sydney Do

SM Students

  • Hailee Hettrick
  • Shuyi James Chen
  • Frank Schmidt
  • Evan Wise
  • Prashan Wanigasekara
  • Chris Rossi
  • Jared Rize
  • Meghan Prinkey
  • Michael O’Connor
  • Austin Nicholas
  • Jameson Nash
  • Alain Minier
  • Duncan Miller
  • Bryan McCarthy
  • Jenny Liu
  • Boris Lipchin
  • Bruno Alvisio
  • Phillip Cunio
  • David Carte
  • Alexander Buck
  • Mathew Knutson
  • Vishnu Jyothindran
  • Mike Jones
  • Thomas Coffee
  • Shuyi James Chen
  • Drew Hilton
  • Mark Hilstad
  • Zachary Funke
  • Gregory Eslinger
  • Harrison Bralower
  • Celena Dopart

Along with many, many outstanding UROPs.